I've read a lot indicating that it depends on the ...
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I've read a lot indicating that it depends on the situation, and even the tax publications lead me to the same place.  If the student is attending a public government program, then it appears you can not deduct expenses, it is not a business, etc.  They get the $50 charitable deduction, right?  However, many people host through third-party programs, for international students who attend private schools.  From what I see, this is a whole other animal, and I'd like to see more research here about that.  All I have researched has led me to the same place that it was intended to earn money, that it is a business, there is a contractual service being provided, therefore, in all forms, a business arrangement, and business income and related expenses.   These providers receive a 1099 and are responsible for expenses of room setup, technology support, meals, etc.  Can anyone speak to this?
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