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Filling out form 8863 on turbotax. Received 2016 1098-T from my college but I graduated May 2016 and they included spring 2016 tuition to 2015 1098-T. I am paying loans.

I am paying my students loans right and really stressed out. I should be getting education credit filling out a 8863 form but turbotax isn't showing that form in order for me to enter detailed information of 2016 tuition fees and loans. Also, I just graduated this May of 2016 and they sent me my 2016 1098-T which showed in box 2 that my tuition for 2016 was not included, instead it was included in my 2015 1098-T but the tuition was still charged when I registered for classes in 2016 so that's why I need this 8863 form so I indicate what was actually charged to me during 2016. Please help. Where can I do this?