I believe you have an issue that you need to addre...
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I believe you have an issue that you need to address.

As a 1099 contractor, as noted above, you are not an employee.  That means that the company technically has no say in when or how you perform your job.

Having said that, if you turn in let's say 8 hours, then that company must pay you for 8 hours.  If the company is attempting to dictate that you must take an hour lunch, then the company is treading on thin ice between the lines of employee and independent contractor.

The issue here is as follows:
1) You can meet with the company and inform them that what they are doing is not correct
2) If you do meet with them, you need to be aware that they may terminate your "job" due to the fact that you are questioning their "policy", however, once again, you are not an employee.
3) You can meet with an attorney to get this resolved, but you will most likely face the same outcome as item 2 above.
4) You can switch "jobs"
5) You can continue working there knowing that what they are doing is not technically correct, but you enjoy the job and the pay.
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