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Some things in TurboTax are not quite working the way they should right now and that is adding to the confusion.  


If you have a Form 1099-NEC that is reporting Non-Employee Compensation, then you need to enter that income on Schedule C.  Schedule C will report the details about what kind of work you performed to earn that income.  


Your first step in your return should be to create the Schedule C (if you don't already have a business established from your prior year return).  then, enter the information from your Form 1099-NEC as part of the Income section inside the Schedule C.  


This will simplify the process and reduce the chances that you will see some sort of error from TurboTax as you try to complete your return.


To set up your business on Schedule C:

  1. Open or continue your return.
  2. Search for schedule c and click the Jump to link in the search results.
  3. Answer Yes to Did you have any self-employment income or expenses?
    • If you've already entered self-employment work and need to enter more, select Add another line of work.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.





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