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Husband and wife partnership.

  • If you live in a community property state, AZ, CA,ID, LA, NV, NM, TX, WA, WI then you can file  2 schedule C forms on your personal tax return. If you have expenses, you will need to go with Home & Business or Self- Employed. One is desktop and one is online. Here is a link to compare and purchase either.
  • If you do not live in a community property state, you must file a partnership return, Form 1065. You will need to use business software. The business return is due March 15 and will generate K1 forms to use on your personal return. 

The W2 will go on your personal return along with the K1s for each of you.

You can use TurboTax to calculate estimated payments, not to pay. I recommend you first visit the IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center 


You can make estimated payments under either of you, so long as you are filing a joint return - credit is shared.




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