Re: Trying to enter my K1 info, Section 199A, Box ...
Level 2

Business & farm

I have the same question for the "UNADJUSTED BASIS OF ASSETS". 

I see where the Ordinary Income goes....  after you check the BOX in Business Income.

5 Boxes opens up for where you can enter the following:  Ordinary business income; Rental income, Royalty income; Other income; and Total ordinary Form 4797 gain/(loss) include above.

But I have not found anything that would match up with "Unadjusted Basis of Assets", unless it goes under a different name.


Have you been able to figure this out or has anyone given you an answer for this??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


***update***  I was looking over the various answers again and I noticed that the "UBIA OF QUAILIFED PROPERTY" BOX was checked.

Is this where the "Unadjusted Basis of Assets" is ENTERED?

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