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As a member of a state national guard, that doesn't make you active duty unless you are officially called to that status. as a non-resident of Idaho I would also expect you to have to pay Idaho state taxes on both your Idaho national guard income, as well as any other jobs you may have held for a Idaho based employer that you performed while physically in Idaho.

Now some states will exempt national guard pay from state taxes, but only if you are a resident of that state. Still, you may want to check the laws in Idaho concerning the taxation of those NG wages.

You do need to make sure you're completing an Idaho non-resident return though, since you don't claim Idaho as your state of residence. It's also important that when doing multiple state returns, you save the resident state return for last. That way, the program can and will take into account any reciprical tax agreements that may exist between your resident state and any other states you may have to report income to.