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Thanks for the response! Here are a few clarifications:


* I am a US citizen and plan to retain citizenship.

* I plan to claim the foreign earned income exclusion via the tax home test and physical presence test.

* Under foreign earned income exclusion, it looks like salaries are excluded up to 105.9k, but dividends are not excluded. I would still prefer to avoid the 40% Irish personal income tax if possible though, even if US personal income tax gets excluded.


The question about working for nothing is tough to answer... I'm thinking since the c-corp is a separate legal entity, if it doesn't pay me, Ireland wouldn't consider me (as a person) to have received any income for them to look at (not counting the income from the employer), right? So then it would just come down to if the US (or Wyoming, since the c-corp would be registered there) would allow the c-corp to not pay me. I'm having a hard time finding a good answer to that one.