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Thanks for you replying, sorry I should have provided more info, in box G, it's checking Limited partner or other LLC, and in box H it checked Domestic partner, with type of partner is Individual. And yes I'm an foreigner here, but it didn't withhold my tax for 2018 so I have to file the tax by myself. I've paid the tax through IRS online system while I'm confused when I'm filing 1040NR tax report. In 1065S, I have Line1 Ordinary business income(loss) to be -6, and line5 interest income to be 82. All other lines are 0 so I'm not sure if the interest income should be considered to be NEC or ECI, and what kind of tax rate should I choose if it's NEC? What about the -6 income, should I fill it in the ECI part? I've read the i1040NR but it's hard for me to figure out how to distinguish the ECI and NEC for my income.