You get to that screen by checking "I had differen...
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Is there a way I can change what I entered on the form 8889? I put none on some of the months and they should be self?

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Deductions & credits

You get to that screen by checking "I had different plan types at different times of the year" on the screen entitled "Was [name] covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) in 2017?" (see screen shot below). The next screen asks for your type of coverage for each month of the year.

Restart your HSA interview (go to Federal->Deductions & Credits->Medical->HSA, MSA Contributions), say "Edit" on the Summary screen, then progress through the interview, skipping past the 1099-SA section.

However, occasionally, the dynamic nature of the screen workflow makes it difficult to get back to the screen you want (although this one shouldn't be a problem). In this case, you might be best served with deleting your HSA information and re-entering it.

The safest - although brute force - way to delete all HSA information is to do the following:

1. make a copy of your W-2(s) (if you don't have the paper copies)

2. delete your W-2(s) (use the garbage can icon next to the W-2(s) on the Income screen

*** Desktop***

3. go to View (at the top), choose Forms, and select the desired form. Note the Delete Form button at the bottom of the screen.

*** Online ***

3. go to Tax Tools (on the left), and navigate to Tools->Delete a form

4. delete form(s) 1099-SA (if one), 8889-T, and 8889-S (if one)

5. go back and re-add your W-2(s), preferably adding them manually

6. go back and redo the entire HSA interview. 

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