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Deductions & credits

Yes, you can deduct expenses for job-seeking activities, here's how:

Job-search Deduction:  These are the main points regarding taking this deduction.  You can enter these expenses by going to the Search at the top of the screen, enter Job search expenses.  The Jump to link will appear and TurboTax takes you directly to where you need to be.

Basically you will add a job that you are searching to do, such as Sales, Education.  You will add your job-seeking expenses on the last page of this section where there are Blank Boxes to describe the activities.

1.  Same Occupation - Expenses are tax deductible when the search is in your current line of work.

2.  Resume Costs - Costs associated with preparing and sending out Resumes are tax deductible.

3.  Travel expenses - Expenses such as travel, meals, and lodging can be deductible if the purpose is to look for a job.

4.  Reimbursed Costs - If you are reimbursed for any job-search costs they are not deductible.

The following IRS link describes this deduction in more detail.