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Deductions & credits

Form 8889 is required if you had contributions to or withdrawals from an HSA.  Contributions you made by payroll deduction or that were made by your employer are reported in box 12 of your W-2.  Any withdrawals will be reported on a form 1099-SA mailed to you by the HSA bank. 

Form 8889 is scheduled to be released in a program update on 1/26.  I don't know if that means morning or afternoon, so you might want to try logging in and filing on 1/27.

After the IRS approves the form, it has to be programmed in to turbotax, tested, and approved by the IRS.  Then, turbotax releases updates once a week, because there are 14 versions of turbotax that have to be updated at the same time and they have to do quality control to make sure that one fix doesn't break something else.

If you don't include the form, the IRS will assume that your withdrawals or contributions were not allowed, and will send you a bill for additional taxes and penalties.  At that point you will have to pay the bill or send them an amended return to fix the problem.


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