Level 15

Deductions & credits

If you did not itemize (take mortgage interest deduction) you would do nothing as it does not need to be reported. 

If you did itemize, then it would be reported as Other Income on your return.

To do this:

  • Click on Federal Taxes
  • Click on Wages and Income
  • Click on I'll choose what I work on
  • Scroll down to Less Common Income
  • On Miscellaneous Income click the start or update button
  • Go to bottom and go to Other Reportable Income and click start 
  • Say "yes"
  • Type in Box 4 1098 and put amount by your name

. It is a refund (or credit) for overpayment(s) of interest you made in a prior year or years. If you itemized deductions in the year(s) you paid the interest, you may have to include part or all of the box 4 amount on the “Other income” line of your 2016 Form 1040. No adjustment to your prior year(s) tax return(s) is necessary. For more information, see Pub. 936 and Itemized Deduction Recoveries in Pub. 525