Level 15

Deductions & credits

Do you think you will have enough to itemize this year?  Until you enter enough deductions to itemize you will not see the benefit. 

This year the Standard Deduction will be doubling so many people will be switching to the Standard Deduction.  And there is a max 10,000 limit (5,000 MFS) of property tax and state taxes "SALT".

FAQ on 2018 changes 

For 2018 the standard deduction amounts are:
Single 12,000 + 1,600 for 65 and over or blind
HOH 18,000 + 1,600 for 65 and over or blind
Joint 24,000+ 1,300 for each 65 and over or blind
Married filing Separate 12,000 + 1,300 for 65 and over or blind 

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