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Deductions & credits

This is the way to delete an entry in charity Donations. You can enter more details in the comment section, if needed.

To remove an entry in Other Item, under Charitable Donations, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Federal Taxes tab
  • Click Deductions and Credits
  • Select I'll Choose What I Work On
  • Scroll down to Charitable Donations
  • Click on the line titled Clothes and other items
  • Select Update. This will allow you to revisit that area. Here you will find the list of items inputted and you will have an option to Edit or Delete.
Also, you may have imported or updated charities from last years return.

To update or delete information you imported:

1.       Open your return.

2.       Click Federal Taxes (or Personal in Home & Business) and then select Wages & Income.

3.       Proceed to the Your 2016 Income Summary screen.

4.       Click View next to Import Summary. You can then edit or remove the item as you wish.