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Deductions & credits

The property taxes should be included in your itemized deductions.  Try to delete your original entry and then follow the steps here to enter your property taxes again.  Use the Review tab then go back to force a full return calculation.

1.  Sign into your TurboTax Premier desktop version.

2. In the upper right search for property taxes-real estate

3. Jump to property taxes-real estate.

4. Continue to enter your property tax amounts. (see image attached)

To enter the information in the TurboTax online version use the steps here.

You can go directly to the area to enter the document by following these steps.

1. Sign into your account and select your current return.

2. Select  My Account on the top right and then select Tools

3. Select Topic Search (see attached image)

4. Search for itemized deductions and select Go

5. Follow the interview to enter your property taxes paid.

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