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Deductions & credits

Yes, if you paid alimony to a spouse or former spouse to whom you were legally married, you can deduct it on your tax return. There is no limit to the amount of alimony you can deduct.

To enter this into TurboTax Online, please take the steps below.

To enter alimony you paid last year in TurboTax, please take the steps below. 

  • Sign into TurboTax Online
  • Click Taxes Tax Timeline > Take me to my return.
  • Click on the Federal Taxes tab (Personal depending on version) > Deductions & Credits sub-tab
  • Click to show all tax breaks (if needed)
  • Scroll down until you see Other Deductions and Credits and click Show More.
  • Click Start next to Alimony.
  • Proceed through the interview to enter your alimony paid. 

Please see the following FAQ article for additional information.