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Deductions & credits

If you need to edit Form 2441, you can use the steps below to get to the summary screen and make any necessary changes.

To Edit a Childcare Provider in TurboTax Online(Form 2441):

1. Go to "Federal Taxes" at the top of the screen

2. Select "Deductions & Credits"

3. Scroll down to "You and Your Family" and select "Show More"

4. Select "Revisit" next to "Child and Dependent Care Credit"

5. Select "Yes" to "Did you pay for child or dependent care in 2016?"

6. Select "Continue" on the Add Dependents page

7. You should now be at the screen that says "Here are your care providers. Next, we'll get your expense info."

8. Select the "Edit" to the right of the provider you would like to make changes to

9. To change information regarding your dependents select Continue(instead of edit) and go past the summary screen to the next page