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Did you read any of the prior comments in this discussion thread?  Your first step should be to determine what you actually claimed on your tax return, and what the IRS thinks you received as a stimulus payment. You need to check your IRS online account for information about your stimulus payments, or review your letter 1444 and 1444-B which were sent to you around the same time as the stimulus payments.


Once you have your tax return, your IRS online account information, your 1444 letters, you can determine whether you made a mistake on your tax return or whether the IRS has made a mistake in its calculation.  If you believe the IRS made a mistake, you can send them a letter with copies of your documentation and explaining your calculations. If you agree that you made a mistake in filing your tax return, then you owe the money.  

If you believe that TurboTax made a mistake, you can apply for the accuracy guarantee to cover your interest and late fees. TurboTax will not pay your tax, because you always owe your own correct income tax payments, but TurboTax will pay interest and penalties if TurboTax made a calculation error.  However, be aware that the TurboTax interview was very clear in asking whether or not you received a stimulus payment, and how much you received. TurboTax would only calculate a rebate if you told TurboTax that you did not receive the proper stimulus check in the mail.  If the IRS thinks they sent you a stimulus payment but you never received it for some reason, you can’t claim the rebate on your tax return. You must trace the missing stimulus payment instead.

*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*