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Dependent Questions

Hey Turbo Tax! Thanks for taking time to answer some questions:

1. We received $2,800 last month and we are curious why? We thought that we had already received all the 'back pay' for our kiddos when it came to stimulus money. So we just want to know where this money came from.

2. The Child tax credit is $300 per child/per month correct? How long are they doing this for? From now until December? Or even longer? And this money will just be 'deducted' from our overall tax return next year? So we are just getting that money a little earlier right? 

3. Would there be any way to see a rough number of what taxes will look like for next year? Like how much that we need to withhold on our paychecks, to make sure that we don't have to end up paying during tax season?


Again Thanks for all you do!