Level 3

Deductions & credits

No other foreign income except mutual fund dividends from US fund  that passed its foreign taxes paid to shareholders.  Just trying to complete form 1116.  My return was rejected with note that read:

/Return/ReturnData/IRS1116/ForeignTaxCreditSource/USTaxWithheldOnDividendAmt - Data in the return is missing or invalid.  I had already indicated RIC for the mutual fund, actually it was two funds on the same brokerage 1099 that I combined.  And the second part of the note seems to imply that I have no or the wrong amount for tax withheld on the foreign dividends? I'm not sure I understand that since the mutual fund pays the foreign tax and it shows up on my 1099. No country is withholding taxes for any of my dividends except the US and its more than enough to cover my taxes?