Level 15

Deductions & credits

@dwahl73 - this is really odd and I have not come across this situation before.... can you please go back into TT and see what you actually keyed in for the amount of first two stimulus payments received; please do not go from memory as I want to confirm there was no keypunch error.   for example, did you inadvertently key $24,000 instead of $2400 for the 1st payment?


also, please recheck that you correctly entered the birthdates of the children, their social security numbers (check to the actual social security cards and not to other piece of paper or use your memory)


there is no reason I can see that the software did not give you credit for your children and there are no reported 'bugs', therefore it points to a key punch error. 


are you using the desktop version or the online version? 

what is on Line 19 of Form 1040? this could provide a further clue to where the problem lies.  If your income is 6 figures, then I'd expect to see $4,000 here.


please post back and we can go from there.... 

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