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Deductions & credits

 Yes. There is an issue with the contributions deduction and TurboTax is working to fix it.  We do not have an estimated date of correction, at this time.  I suggest you check back often to see if the correction has been made.


There is a problem with the Contributions section of the Itemized deductions and also the above the line $300.00 deduction.  Because of the many changes due to the CARES Act, IRS is still developing the forms and publications on this issue.  Last update was January 13th where everything is still in draft.  Once IRS finalizes the forms, we will be able to update TurboTax to accurately reflect your Contributions deduction.


However, this is a workaround that will fix your issue.


Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open or continue your return.
  2. Select Personal (or Federal) and then Deductions & Credits.
  3. Scroll down to Charitable Donations and next to Donations to Charity in 2020, select Update/Edit/Revisit.
  4. On the Review All Your Charities screen, select Done with Charitable Donations.
  5. Select Yes on the Donation Limits screen.
  6. Select 100%/50% Charity on all applicable donations and Continue until completed for each donation.
  7. Once complete, line 14 of Schedule A will reflect the appropriate deduction amount.