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Deductions & credits

If the steps outlined are not working, then follow these steps:

  • Go to Tax Tools in the left menu,
  • select Tools and 
  • Delete a Form.
  • Scroll down to Charitable Organization and select DeleteDelete Selected Form and Continue.
  • Return to your program by selecting Federal from the left menu.

The key is the sequencing of the entry in posting cash donations made and having TurboTax recalculate your tax breaks. Anything listed in the Cares Act section before first being entered as a deduction will produce unexpected results.


To enter the cash donation first, follow these steps:

  • From the left menu, select Federal.
  • Go to the second tab across the top in TurboTax, Deductions & Credits.
  • Scroll down to Donations to Charity in 2020 and select Edit/Add.
    • At Review All Your Charities,
      • if you still see the entry causing the issues, select Delete and Delete this Donation.
        • At Enter a donation select Add next to Money if you had donated money and continue through the prompts and
    • If you had no other donations, you will be at Let's enter your donations one at a time where you must enter who you donated to and what time of donation it was.
      • Click Add next to Money to record the cash donations to Charity.
      • Enter the amount.
  • Select Done with this DonationDoneDone with Charitable Donations.
  • Scroll down and select Wrap up tax breaks.
  • Select Continue through all additional questions until you see Based on what you just told us, the Standard Deduction is best for you and Continue.
  • If the deduction is carrying properly, you will see your cash donations listed already at Charitable Cash Contributions under Cares Act. Select Continue without adjustment.



For Mac Users:

If the program is not updating so the right screens are presented

  • after entering an amount in the Charitable Donations section as Cash and
  • before entering anything in the CARES Act option (if you are at a Check this Entry in the Review, delete the value in this box) and
  • then clicked Done with Deductions so that TurboTax recalculates, clicking Continue through the screens to get to Charitable Contributions under Cares Act with the amount previously entered already posting,

then try going to the Forms Mode and following these steps:

  • Double Click the 1040/1040SR Wks listed under Forms in My Return.
  • Scroll down to Line 10b and click the cell to override and enter  value up to $300 ($150 if married filing separately).


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