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TurboTax 2020 - How to remove $2,000 Child Tax Credit - Custodial Parent



Here's the issue - 

I am filing as custodial parent, with a dependent child. I am claiming Head of Household exemption. Per divorce agreement with the child's mother, the mother will get the Child Tax Credit for Tax Year 2020. I have already signed a Form 8332.


Now - how do I remove the $2,000 Child Tax Credit from the TurboTax 2020 edition? It keeps saying that I "deserved" the tax credit. It does not ask me whether I've signed Form 8332 or not. 


The child lives with me full time.

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Go back to My Info and click your child's name.  Go through the screens again.   It sounds like you missed the question about whether you have an agreement with the other parent.   If you have a signed 8332 you can still get earned income credit, childcare credit and file as HOH.    The non-custodial parent gets the child tax credit.

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Clearly, I did miss a step right there.


Even if I have custody of the child, with the Form 8332 giving the non-custodian parent the right to claim, it becomes non-dependent on my part, but the non-custodian parent's dependent.


I can still file as Head of Household because my child was with me for the entire year. Ditto for Child Care expenses.


Many thanks!