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Employee Tax Expert

Deductions & credits

When itemizing deductions, and not taking the standard deduction, you will not be prompted for an entry or see the screen Charitable Cash Contributions under Cares Act.


If the error is still presenting, try these two steps:


Step 1:

  • temporarily reducing a deduction in order to be eligible for the standard deduction. ($12,400 for Single Filers and $24,800 for Married Filing Jointly Filers). 
  • Next, run completely through to Wrap Up Tax Breaks
  • This prompts the next screen: Charitable Cash Contributions under Cares Acthighlight everything in the cell and Delete and Continue.

Step 2:

  • Return to your charitable donations section and correct the temporarily reduced deduction to re-establish that you will itemize

  • Run completely through to Wrap Up Tax Breaks.

  • Do not leave the Deductions & Credits section until TurboTax has optimized your deductions and you see the screen suggesting that Itemizing your deductions is the best option for you.

I recommend closing the program and the browser at this point. Re-open in Chrome and run the review again.



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