HSA family contribution with Medicare enrollment
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HSA family contribution with Medicare enrollment

This year my wife is eligible for Medicare part A as her 65th Birthday is Dec 07. She is still employed and we are both covered under her company high deductible medical plan. I am not eligible for Medicare. My wife will sign up for Medicare part A.  We are contributing to a family HSA. I know once we get in Medicare, she is no longer allowed to pay in the HSA.


Question 1: can she enroll in Medicare in January 2021 (60 days max to do it from Birthday) or must she do it prior her Birthday in December 2020?


Question 2: Without my wife enrolling in Medicare, we can contribute $8100 max for 2020. If she enrolls only in January 2021, can we still contribute $8100 for 2020 since she would enroll in 2021?


Question 3: Is she enrolls in December 2020 what is the max prorated family amount we can contribute? I came up with $7425 based on some formulas I found I the internet but the HSA Service dept said $5400 max.


We are totally confused about the max amount to contribute and how the pro-rata works.

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