Re: FMC 1098 has interest but no mortgage balance....
Level 15

Deductions & credits

Try this, and let me know if it works out for you.

First, understand that you need to enter the 1098's in chronological order with the 1098 for the "old" lender getting entered first. So if you didn't enter them that way, delete them both and re-enter starting with the 1098 for the old lender first. This one should not be a problem since it does have a mortgage balance on it, as well as the outstanding mortgage principle and mortgage origination date.

When you enter the 2nd 1098 for the "new" lender, enter a zero for the mortgage balance. Technically speaking, $0 would be correct for the 2nd lender because you did not have a mortgage with the "new" lender on Jan 1 of 2019.  Then I fully expect you will have an outstanding mortgage principle amount, and the mortgage origination date should be identical to the origination date on the first 1098.


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