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Car use deduction

This question is for 2019 income tax return.


I used my car for both personal use and job (commute to work and job search). The mileage put on it for 2019 is approximately 10,000 miles, with about 1,000 miles for commute and job search.



1)  Are all the car-related expenses, including gas, oil change, repairs, insurance, tolls, parking, car tax, and state inspection tax deductible?


2)  Shall I enter 10% of car-related expenses as deduction amount (due to 10% of the mileage is related to jobs)?


Thanks for any input!

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Deductions & credits

Commuting to and from work or using the car to look for a job are not deductible on your federal return, nor are the tolls, parking, gas, insurance, etc.


You can only deduct vehicle expenses if you are self-employed -- not for work as a W-2 employee nor for job-search expenses.  Sorry

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