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Overpayment/Repayment to LTD from SS over $3,000.

This past year (2019) I received an overpayment from SS going back to 2015, along with a repayment requirement to LTD carrier in  2019.  So, overpayment and repayment occurred in same year, with overpayment spanning five years.  My questions are:

1. The letter I received from LTD shows that I paid the money back and the breakdown (because technically I already paid the taxes on this when I put into the system and in 2015-2018)  and I had to enter adjusted income for Social Security for 2015-2018 and I want to make sure I'm not missing something and not entering anything else. (i.e. A form that states LTD company, breakdown, etc.)

2.  I entered repayment over $3,000. amount and that's all.  Is that all I need?  (It's a decent chunk.)  Where does that eventually show up and is that impacted by the 2% rule or is it a straight deduction? (It's just when I review things at a glance, it looks like an unemployment thing, and it's not.  I want to make sure it shows up in the correct area.