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You can use the directions below to get to the correct area to enter your gas and tire expenses.

To Get To Business Vehicle Expenses:

1. Select "Business" at the top of the screen

2. Choose "Continue", then "I'll choose what I work on"

3. Select "Start" next to "Business Income and Expenses"

4. Select "Edit" next to your business name

5. Scroll down to Business Expenses

6. Now select "Start/Update" next to "Business Vehicle Expenses"

7. Select "Edit" next to your vehicle(Or enter the vehicle information when prompted)

8. Continue answering all of the questions through the screens

9. Eventually you will arrive to a screen titled "Do You Want to Enter Your Actual Expenses?", answer "Yes"

10. On the next page you will see a box for gas as well as tires. Enter your costs here

Select this link for more information regarding business vehicles: Business Use of Vehicles