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Deductions & credits

someone already answered and I replied; I'm re-sending it to you directly, kilpatl8:

The answer needs more explanation and I don't have it. But here's what I know: 

I'm 68 yrs old. Turbo Tax put an additional $1,600 onto my 2018 standard deduction of $12,000.  This was the first time I saw it.  So I looked back on my 2017 & 2016 taxes and saw Turbo Tax added $1,550 onto my standard deduction both of those years.  

So I looked all over the internet including IRS.gov and the 1040 Instructions for anything about this senior deduction. I found nothing. 

I don't want to search again, but would like to know if anyone here knows where to get the description, explanation, or anything in writing about this deduction!  

Thank you