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Deductions & credits

Line 6 is the total employee expenses that you are claiming(the sum of all the expenses you entered and is done automatically).

If you are entering expenses, make sure you have an amount for each item you said you would be claiming. Go through the interview and concisely enter each response, only leaving something blank if it doesn't apply.

To do this:

1. Go to the search bar in the top right corner and enter "Form 2106"

2. Select "Jump to form 2106"

3. Select "Edit" next to your occupation and continue through the interview

If you do not need Form 2106 and want to delete it:

1. Go to "My Account" in the top right corner

2. Select "Tools"

3. Under "Tools Center" select "Delete a Form"

4. Navigate to "Form 2106" and select "Delete" next to it