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Underpayment Worksheet Error cannot correct or clear - Minnesota

When completing e-file for MN a new error came up that had not appeared when I ran error check on tax forms.  


An underpayment worksheet no longer being used caused the new error.  I tried  to delete the form and use original calculated underpayment penalty because I want to efile.  Turbotax support tried to help but could not find solution.  We tried everything -  removed worksheet, removed all MN tax forms, cleared cache, etc and restarted state form after reentering relevant data on the federal deductions form, tested data in federal form that would result in no penalty etc.  Every time I restarted and completed the MN forms, the worksheet reappeared with my original incorrect data.  Turbotax doesn't want to let go of the information.  Turbotax support finally credited my e-file fee as the only solution.   


Q:  Why didn't the error show up during error check before filing?

Q:  I still want to efile my state taxes. Help anyone?