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State tax filing

It depends.


It sounds like your income is actually from California sources.  If this is correct, you would need to file a nonresident California income tax return for any income earned from California sources.


CA nonresident filing requirements


Typically, when you prepare your income tax returns, you will need to be sure your information is entered in several places to ensure you receive a credit on your resident state return for any taxes paid in another state.  This ensures you are not taxed on the same income twice by two different taxing agencies.  You will get a credit on your resident state income tax return for any taxes paid to the other state, or in your case, California.


To ensure your return is calculated correctly, you will need to confirm a few items: 


In the My Info section of TurboTax, confirm that you have entered the correct state information: 

  1. Click Edit to the right of your name 
  2. Confirm your input under #2 Tell us the state(s) you lived in
  3. Go back to the personal information section, and verify the mailing address and "Other state income" section.  Be sure to answer yes to the question asking "Did you make money in any other states?". 

Please note the following as it will affect the calculations: 


When you are preparing more than one state return, make sure you prepare the nonresident California state tax returns first.   Be sure to answer the questions correctly to ensure only income sourced to that state specifically are reported.


Once you have entered all of the nonresident state information, then start your Utah part-year state tax return.  This will ensure you receive any credits for taxes on income which may have been taxed in California.  You will do the same thing for Idaho. 




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