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State tax filing

Not to hijack this thread but I’m following up on it due to it being one of the few related to a big problem for me with no resolution. I am reinstalling 2015 Business Turbo Tax due to a Windows upgrade where I wiped my old OS and drive. Although I purchased the California Fiduciary (CA Form 541) download in the past, it went straight to my computer via download as by default it downloads through the program. I didn’t log into the TurboTax site to download the copy there for archive purposes and Intuit has purged it.  The program doesn’t allow me to download another copy and Intuit claims they don’t have any copies. Because participants on this thread are discussing CA Form 541, I am wondering if anyone who was savvy enough to download it and save the California software would be kind enough to share it with me. I have the TurboTax Program but without the CA state software, the whole thing has become useless!