PA: "Prepare W-2 Additional Information Statement"
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PA: "Prepare W-2 Additional Information Statement"

Background: I'm filing part-year state tax returns since I moved from PA to CA. I had no wage income in PA either before or after the move. I did have one source of wage income in CA after residency was established in CA with a corresponding W-2 form.


When doing the PA part-year return, Turbotax comes up with a screen: "Prepare W-2 Additional Information Statement: You must send in Forms W-2 with your PA tax return. Be sure to explain the circumstances listed on the previous screen [which was "You earned income in another state"]. You can use an Additional Information Statement to enter this information"


But Turbotax proves no guidance on the additional information statement (form or schedule to which it relates, as well as the actual statement information to include). It looks to me like the relevant schedule is Schedule W-2S Section I (Federal Forms W-2); however Turbotax has the box checked to exclude section I of Schedule W-2S, and no information is filled in Section I. 


So my questions:

1. Should I be filling out Schedule W-2S Section I with the W-2 information from the CA job? (per the instructions to the schedule: "PA-40 Schedule W-2S must be completed and included with an originally filed PA-40, Personal Income Tax Return, for any taxpayer(s) reporting gross compensation on Line 1a of the PA-40." I am not reporting any gross compensation on 1a of the PA-40).


2. Do I need to fill out an Additional Information statement and, if so, what  do I put in for "form or schedule to which it relates" and "statement information"?


3. Do I need to include a copy of the W-2 for the CA job with my taxes?

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