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On my W-2, my company sends me federal, IN state, and city/local reference copies. My box 12 numbers are different for the different copies. How do I fill this out?

For example.  My "Federal Filing Copy" has codes C, D, W, and DD, each with amounts next to them.  My "City or Local Filing Copy" only shows codes C, D, and W all with different money amounts than the Federal Filing Copy.

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It depends.  When you are preparing the Federal Return, enter the amounts under the Federal Filing Copy as your main w-2.  Code C has no significant meaning on the tax return, but codes D and W do.  Code D is your 401K contribution, and code W is your HSA.  These amounts must be reported in full for TurboTax to make any necessary calculations on the Federal Taxes portion of the program.  

However, since you are filing a part-year Indiana return,  the amounts on the city/local copy are the amounts allocated to your Indiana income.  While I personally am unaware of any specific Indiana credits or deductions for these figures, you have them available if TurboTax asks in the Indiana return on the amounts of 401K or HSA employer contributions attributable to Indiana.  

But, in order for your Federal return to be correctly calculated, enter the Federal Filing Copy amounts on your W-2 into the W-2 screen for TurboTax.

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State tax filing

I am filing return for New York state and yes we have now Federal, State, Local and city, they sent me two w-2 federal and state different from local and city, those have boxes with different numbers or information. Employer use only that box has different number and box # 14 too. Also you were talking about letter W, i want to know where to find it if is on my W-2 or when i am filing my return?

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State tax filing

Code W would be listed on the W2 box 12.


For multiple W2 forms.

Is the EIN number in box b the same or different?  If it is different then enter both of them separately.


If the EIN number is the same and you work in more than 1 state or city, sometimes they will give you another W2 with the extra state information on it and the top part the same or not filled in.  If this is the case, list one W-2 but include both state or local  taxes on it.  It will let you type in more than one line for boxes 15-20.  Don't add the boxes together.  Same for boxes 12 & 14 if there is no room on the first W2 they can give you another W2 with the extra boxes on it.  So list them all on 1 W2.  For box 12 just enter it in the next row or box.  It doesn't have to match the box 12c etc.