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State tax filing

@Critter @tagteam , thanks so much.

I may or may not get the TT Business. Frankly, the return is drop-dead simple. I may get it if only because I have to pay Intuit to file a handful of 1099s anyway, so might as well have it to do the typing to generate the Form 1065 and K-1s.


For the personal return, I'm fine going with downloaded version if you say it's "superior." That's the only useful information I've heard about the difference between download/online.


One more clarification please, if you will?


We do have other businesses that are single-member LLCs (separate and apart from the multi-member "partnership" that''s causing all the grief here). So we need Schedule Cs for those. And of course we need Schedule Es for reporting the K-1 income, and Schedule SEs. Are you saying if I get the download version, I actually don't have to get the TT SE, because the TT Basic and Deluxe versions both have all the forms, including those forms?