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State tax filing

How Form 3554 was populated and how to remove:

Most likely what happened is when you got the portion of your CA state return that says " Credit and Taxes" if you scroll down the page there is a section called "Credit Recapture" and right underneath it says, “New Employment Credit Recapture. Learn More". Clicking start on this portion brings you to a screen that says, “New Employment Credit Recapture". Here you will see "where it says "New Employment Credit Recapture" and there is a box where there must have been a figure inserted, most likely "0" if you did not need this credit. Putting a figure in that box automatically populated that form causing it to now give you errors on the State Return review asking numerous questions about form 3554. Unfortunately, at this point you cannot go to delete a form or even go back to that box and remove the "0" as the only thing that will work is deleting your CA State return and starting over this time making sure that you do not go into the "New Employment Credit Recapture" by selecting start next to it if you do not need to fill out form 3554.

For instructions on how to delete your state return in TurboTax Online please see the TurboTax FAQ below:


For additional information on Form 3554https://www.ftb.ca.gov/forms/2014/14_3554bk.pdf

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