Level 10

State tax filing

You'll be asked to enter the Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) near the end of the Minnesota state interview, after you are asked about filing an extension (you can click Skip Extension). There are several screens related to the CRP, so it is important that you continue through the screens and answer all of the questions. Be sure to:

  • Select Property Tax Refund (Form M1PR) on the Other Forms You May Need screen. (Click the first screenshot below for reference.)
  • Select Renter on the Property Tax Refund screen. (Click the second screenshot below.)
  • Enter any payments received on the Property Tax Refund - Renter screen. (Click the third screenshot below.)
  • Enter Forms CRP, Lines 3 Total on the Property Tax Information - Renter screen. (Click the fourth screenshot below.)

Reminder: Click the State Taxes tab to enter/continue/edit the Minnesota state information and start/revisit the state tax interview.