An update - this is totally weird. Remember how I ...
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State tax filing

An update - this is totally weird. Remember how I said that an S-Corp needn't pay taxes on their return, and you said I was supposed to file the amount by April 17 because MD state required it? Well, I (legally correct) did not send the actual payment until now since that payment is due later this month. However, I had to file my personal taxes earlier, which after I did after your good advice about two weeks ago. And then I get this letter from MD state two days ago saying they have amended by personal return by the same amount of money that I owe on my business taxes. So if my business return required a payment of X and my personal return required a refund of Y, then should there not be a way of saying that that entire calculation will be made on the personal return (Y-X), especially since the personal return payment/refund is due earlier than the business one? They did the work for me on the personal return and corrected it. The result is that I now don't have to send them that check which is sitting in my outbox. Is the problem with TurboTax, or is the problem with MD state? I can make this "error" every year and it will likely get the same result, but I would rather get this resolved before 2019 when I use TurboTax again for my returns.

As always, I appreciate your insight, Irene.

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