I live in RI. I worked for two separate companies:...
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State tax filing

I live in RI. I worked for two separate companies: one in MA (I physically worked in MA for Jan/Feb 2017), then one in RI (after leaving the job in MA, I worked in RI for remainder of 2017). I have two W-2s (one from each company, with no overlap of income between them).

At no point did I ever live in MA, but since I did earn money in MA (during Jan/Feb when I physically worked in MA), I will need to file a Form 1 NR/PY for MA (as a Non-Resident).

The issue is that TurboTax keeps trying to force me to apportion the income (unnecessary, as I do not need to "estimate" MA income earned because I know EXACTLY what the amount is - ALL income earned on the first W-2, and NONE on the second).
The software will not allow me to file my return without completing the apportionment worksheet (NOT necessary). It seems to be a bug, and I need to get the taxes filed today, as the Free File deadline is end of day.
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