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State tax filing

I began work solely in RI for a different employer after having left the first employer. This resulted in my having two separate Forms W-2. I am trying to file a non-resident return in MA for the money earned during that first period in 2017 (when I was working for the MA employer). The ratio of MA earnings to gross earnings between both employers (MA and RI) is ~1:12, with the MA earnings below $8K. 

I have entered information for both W-2s accurately, and everything is fine with the Federal and RI resident returns. Everything appears to be correct when I enter the information for the MA return. As each of the two W-2s relates to income earned in only one state or the other, I would think I do not need to apportion income. 

According to Mass.gov: "NONRESIDENT APPORTIONMENT WORKSHEET. You cannot apportion Massachusetts wages as shown on Form W-2. Do not use this worksheet if you know the exact amount of your Massachusetts source income."

TurboTax stops me to "fix" the MA return every time I click to continue, and asks that I complete sections of the aforementioned form for both the MA and RI employers. The MA employer indicates "MA" on Line 15, which means it cannot be apportioned (shouldn't need to anyway, as 100% was earned in MA). The RI income is not relevant for this process, but even if it were, entering any amount results in a loop to "fix" it, again. I have tried everything. I am at a loss as to how to proceed, here.