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Home mortgage interest deduction is not deducted on federal income tax form, do I reenterd on the alabama state tax form for married filing jointly; using standard ded.

More About Your Alabama Deductions

If you didn't enter your home expenses, such as mortgage interest, insurance and property taxes, on your federal return because they wouldn't be deductible, here's your chance to see if they are deductible on your Alabama return.

I did enter the amt. on my federal form, but I did not have enough itemized deductions, so using the Standard deduction.  Will the Mortgage Deduction still be carried over to the Alabama State Tax Form?

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State tax filing

Yes, it will be carried over to Alabama state return. You do not re-enter them. This is what Alabama says:

If you qualify for the Mortgage Interest Credit on your Federal return, the total interest you paid (before the

credit) is deductible for Alabama purposes.

Here are the complete instructions form Alabama (page 19):


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