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While filling part-year resident tax return to CA and OR, can this be correct that I get full refund from CA while most of my annual income in CA?

Hello, I have a question: My wife and I moved from CA to OR in mid-2018 and filled part-year resident tax return for both California and Oregon. Together we made about $85,000 in CA and about $52,000 in OR (no timing overlap - CA income made in CA and OR income made in OR), but in the final document produced by TurboTax results are as below:


Taxable Income $69,728.00, Total Tax $0.00, Total Payments/Credits $4,180.00, Amount to be Refunded $4,180.00, Effective Tax Rate 0.0%


Taxable Income $ 107,189.00, Total Tax $3,106.00, Total Payments/Credits $2,437.00, Payment Due $669.00

Question: Why calculated taxable Income (and consequently the tax amount) in Oregon is much higher than what we made in this state, while I got full refund of entire paid taxes (zero tax to CA)? Is there a possibility of a mistake? It look like the option to avoid double taxation was against CA? Does Oregon tax our CA income even before we move to OR?