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Can anyone help me with a "tax account number" for local income tax?

i'm very confused about local income tax.  i went to my city's website and downloaded a form in PDF format that makes calculations as information is entered.  at the beginning of the form there is a box asking for an "account number".  i have no idea what this account number is.  at first i tried entering the EIN from my W-2 form, but that wasn't right.  the tax account number is a 7-digit number in the format x-xxxxx-x, where an EIN is a 9-digit number.  nowhere on my W-2 is there any indication of a "tax account number" for the city. the option of e-filing is also out of the question because they still ask for this "tax account number" as well as a "personal filing code, PFC, mailed earlier this year" (which i also don't have).  am i supposed to leave the box blank?  could this number only apply to businesses?  i'm an individual filer.