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NJ resident, interned with a NYC firm while at home in NJ, unable to allocate 0 to NY sources

Hi all,


I am an NJ resident, and over this past summer I completed a virtual internship with a firm in NYC. This virtual format was (I don't think) not out of convenience but because I was forced to do so given the COVID-19 situation. With that said, my W2 form from the NYC firm shows my wages being attributed to NY. However, this article here (https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/state-taxes/help/do-i-need-to-file-a-nonresident-return-for-an-out...) suggests I allocate 0 income to NY because I was an NJ resident. 

When I do that, TurboTax says "New York wages were reported on federal Form W-2 but no wage income has been allocated to New York. This will cause the efiled return to be rejected by New York state."


I did some searching on this forum, but I am still confused:

1) Given my situation (resident of NJ, worked for a firm in NY but did so virtually given the pandemic), should I allocate all my wage income to NJ and 0 to NY?

2) If so, must I file my return via mail, given that TurboTax does not allow me to efile?


Thank you!