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Billing Notice - Why are you billing me?

I so extremely disappointed in readling my email from Intuit Turbo Tax today, that my account would be debited because notification was received from the IRS that my refund was not yet issued or has been reduced. Well...I am also super agitated and disappointed that my refund is NOT yet issued, although it was filed in April. There is absolutely NO WAY to contact the IRS and get a response about the delayed processing of refunds. The definition of insanity...doing something the same way, over and over and expecting different results; this is the IRS refund-checking process.  And, to add misery to the madness, I get your email that my account will now be debited for the tax preparation fee, with a comment that there was language in the Agreement that my account could be debited if there was an outstanding balance by 7/19. I read, and, reread the Refund Processing Service Agreement and there in NO such language. Shame on you. Hope this attempt, on your behalf, to find relief from the IRS insanity is worth losing customers.