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After you file

I appreciate the help but that does not work. I owed no taxes and I have no refund so on the file page step two if you ask it to go back on that tab it only refreshes that page. I have tried this many times, used a different browser to get there but all the same. Maybe turbotax does this so your forced to pay to talk to someone. All I want is for the IRS to have my banking information and that is why I want to file. We are suppose to get the child tax credit starting in July I want to have it deposited in my account.  I'm retired and am living in the Philippines and getting checks here is risky business. The first two Covid checks were deposited in my Wells Fargo account in the US. Then I filed last years taxes with same results, did not owe, and did not get refund. So this last (3rd) Covid  check has been mailed because no banking information.